Data Analysis

Data collected online can be a real goldmine for a business. Being able to read and understand such data is the key to finding the right target and taking the best possible decision to maximise the ROI, Return on Investment.
This is where Data Analysis plays a pivotal role, mining the data and getting important information out of it.

Why Data Analysis

Gathering and collecting data related to the traffic on your website helps find the right target and optimise the budget. With the help of specific software, we will compile a detailed data analysis, that will allow you to reach out to those users that are interested in your services or products, distributing your budget right where it’s needed. Invest less, invest better.

Why Digital Junkies

To deal with the increasing complexity of the technological and digital world of online marketing we at Digital Market went for simplicity and clarity. We want our clients to understand what we do and why it is better to invest their budget on a channel rather than another one. We want to impress our clients with facts and figures, not with convoluted jargon.

Clear and simple: the Digital Junkies formula

Our Data Analysis services cover many activities, including the following:

Analytical software

The first step is to implement analytical software on your website or, in case they’re already in place, we will make sure they are correctly implemented. When we create a website this all comes included.

The optimal setting of analytical software is the most important step or the whole process as it needs to guarantee a 100% accuracy of the collected data. Data that will be used to take strategic decisions aimed at optimising your budget.

Tracking Codes

Once the analytical software is set, we need to implement tracking codes according to each specific objective. This operation is known as tag management.
The tracking codes will create accurate visitor profiles, recording their activity on the website. The collected data is anonymous but it’s important to create statistics to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Data Analysis and CRO

A correct interpretation of the visitors’ behaviour is necessary to understand what can be improved on the website: which pages perform better than others, which sections of a page convert better and why. These improvements will reflect on a better site usability, hence offering the user a website that better suit their needs and is more likely to convert visitors into customers. This process is called Conversion Rate Optimisation and is one of the most efficient ways to improve your investment.

Reporting and Data Visualisation

The process of tracking, data mining and analysis has to be finalised with a simple outcome. A key to understanding the preference of the visitors of a website and how to help them find what they are looking for. It also creates a formidable output of statistics that we will use to create detailed reports. Such reports will show you clearly how your website is going and how your ads campaigns are performing so that you will always know how your budget is being used.

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