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The online advertising is surely the quickest and most effective way for your business to gain awareness and be known by the largest number of people.
Thanks to advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Bing, is possible to reach an highly targeted audience which is really interested in your product.
In order for your advertising to be effective and to generate the highest ROI possible, is important to have specific knowledges of online marketing.

Why Invest in Digital Advertisement

Among all the forms of advertisement, the online one is the only to provide data to evaluate the success of your investment. Digital advertising offers you complete transparency, not only on your budget, but also on the performance of your campaigns: you can know how many visits they channelled, how many sales they generated and so on. The analysis of all this data, allows you to optimise budget in order to have the higher return of investment possible.

Why Digital Junkies

To deal with the increasing complexity of the technological and digital world of online marketing we at Digital Market went for simplicity and clarity. We want our clients to understand what we do and why it is better to invest their budget on a channel rather than another one. We want to impress our clients with facts and figures, not with convoluted jargon.


We will help your business for all the activities listed below:

Keyword Research

The first step in digital advertising consists in identifying the right target and the correct keywords to reach it.
Once we identified the target, it’s time to perform a keyword research and choose the best keywords to reach that specific audience.
As result of this process, we can guarantee you that all your budget would be spent to reach people who are really interested in your product.

Campaign Creation and Bidding Strategy

Once the set of keywords to target is identified, it’s important to organise it logically and create an efficient campaign architecture.
During this process we will need your help understanding the most profitable part of your business in order to bid on the keywords that can generate the best ROI for your business.


In Digital Advertising the magic really happens with the optimisation process, a process based on the data analysis.
Keywords have different costs everyday and everyday new keywords are discovered: optimisation is really the key aspect in paid advertising and it is always an ongoing process.
We will offer your business 10+ year experience and solid analytics skills.


Why let go of a user that already visited your website and knows your business? This is exactly when remarketing comes in.
Remarketing allows you to reach customers that already visited your site and left without buying. Thanks to tracking codes placed on your site, we will be able to re-engage with those users and even displaying to them specific ads copies depending on their past behavior on your site.
Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools of digital advertising.

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