Our services cover all the digital world, with Digital Junkies you can access a wide range of specialist skills, all with one agency. If you have an online presence you can rely on us for all your business needs. The modular system of outsourcing specific services is widespread (53% of European companies do that) as it allows more flexibility in handling the workloads and more control over your company budget.

Why Outsourcing

Outsourcing your online services to Digital Junkies means taking advantage of our expertise in digital marketing. You can call us when the internal workload is temporarily exceeding the internal capacity of your staff. We will work with your team with specific tasks or a more encompassing activity or project management.

Why Digital Junkies

To deal with the increasing complexity of the technological and digital world of online marketing we at Digital Market went for simplicity and clarity. We want our clients to understand what we do and why it is better to invest their budget on a channel rather than another one. We want to impress our clients with facts and figures, not with convoluted jargon.

Clear and simple: the Digital Junkies formula

Our Data Analysis services cover many activities, including the following:

SEO Copywriting

Writing articles and press release is a key element in your communication strategy, as much as the content posted on your social media channels. We implement communication strategies and editorial calendars and create ad-hoc content. With a keen eye on SEO writing and care in using the right tone of voice, according to the channel in use and the target we want to reach.


A website exposes your products and services not only to local customers but, potentially, to the whole world. It is then necessary to speak your prospective clients’ language. We translate from English to Italian, Spanish and any other language your business might need to speak. Our translators are mother-tongue professionals with high English proficiency.


Investing in staff training guarantees mid-long-term savings for any company. Having an external agency to train your staff allows you to take your junior staff to a high level of skills and productivity in a short time, without subtracting precious time for internal senior resources. Having properly trained staff will allow your company to deal internally with content writing and technical issues that would be otherwise handled by external consultants.

Digital Consultancy

The online world is rich of opportunities. Not all choices though might be the best for your line of business or for your targets: a significant investment doesn’t always bring significant results. We will analyze your business and the market you operate in, we will discuss together the targets you want to achieve and we will recommend the most effective strategies for you.

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Digital Ads

Web Design


Social Media

Data Analysis

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