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Having a good website but not being visible on search engines for the most relevant search terms means having a job done only halfway. SEO (acronym for Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of growing visibility in organic search increasing the quality and quantity of traffic received. We are highly skilled in all things SEO, from the most technical interventions on the source code to the most creative activities. Your business will naturally receive increasing amount of visitors in the mid- long-term, improving the possibilities of conversions.

Why invest in SEO?

94% of customers have their first contact with a new business after a search on Google. It’s easy to understand how important it is for a business that its website can be easily found. Our SEO strategies will help your website rank better on Google for the most relevant keywords, that will be agreed together with you.

Why Digital Junkies

To deal with the increasing complexity of the technological and digital world of online marketing we at Digital Market went for simplicity and clarity. We want our clients to understand what we do and why it is better to invest their budget on a channel rather than another one. We want to impress our clients with facts and figures, not with convoluted jargon.

Clear and simple: the Digital Junkies formula

Our SEO services cover many activities, including the following:

Keyword Research

One of the most delicate and important activities in digital marketing is the choice of the relevant keywords for a website. This is the core activity that starts the website creation, and involves SEO and PPC activities. We will make sure to spot and use the keywords that people are most likely to use to look for your services and products.
Every search on internet is triggered by a necessity and ranking for that term means, to the customer’s eyes, to be the exact response to such need.

On-Page Optimisation

Once the keyword set has been defined it has to be implemented in the website, making sure that the search engines connects your website to the products or services you offer. We will create your website and structure it so that it will be easier for the users and the search engines to visit and understand it, making sure each page can provide a great answer to the user’s question. We will take care of all the coding aspects that improve the ranking value of a website, but also of its content, in order to create a better user experience and improve the efficiency of an eventual digital advertising campaign.

Link Building

Having an optimised website and great content won’t be enough if the website doesn’t get noticed. Being linked from other websites is like having positive reviews: the more authoritative the linking website is the more value its endorsement will have. We will find the best and more relevant websites, blogs and online magazine for an outreach campaign, distributing high quality articles to be published.
This activity, often integrated with PR and social media campaigns, will help your website have a better ranking on search engines.

Audit and Consultancy

If you already have a website we can offer our services of SEO consultancy and professional site audit.
We will analyse all the aspect impacting your website ranking: code, architecture, site speed, content and keywords.
Following this analysis we will produce a detailed report with all the instructions for each single aspect to be changed to improve the website performances. This document can be used by your own developers.
We are available for any level of consultancy.

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